rescuing my iPhone stuck in boot logo..

Yesterday, I did something silly with my jailbroken gen 1 iPhone running 2.1 (pwn’ed) firmware.
I was playing with some system files (mobileInstallation to be exact πŸ˜‰ ) and renamed the file to something else and forgot to change it back before I turned off my device… Β When I turned it back on, it wouldn’t boot completely. It would just stay in the boot logo (silver apple logo on black screen) forever. I tried resetting the device (press and hold home and power for a while) with no luck… I tried googling it, but couldn’t find much help… to my surprise, the phone syncs fine with itunes even in this state, but is just not usable… also, if I connected to a power source, it would just vibrate at a regular interval, but nothign else….

At this point, I tried the only other thing I knew that would help in a situation like this… I put the phone into DFU mode (google/youTube it..) and tried to connect it to my mac… “boom” (as steve says πŸ˜€ ) there it is.. iTunes tells me that it found my iPhone and needs to restore it… voila.. I restored it with 2.1 firmware again, and everything is back to normal. So lesson learnt.. be a little more careful with system files when messing with precious gadgets like these… hope this helps someone…

pal πŸ™‚